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Obesity management and treatment: How can you manage weight or keep it from coming back?

Obesity is a complex disease - many factors can make you gain weight or prevent you from keeping the weight off. At the same time, managing your obesity (like managing any other chronic disease) is important too.

Losing weight and maintaining it is hard because of how your body responds to weight loss. And so, obesity management can be difficult, even if you've already lost weight or tried to in the past. 

But don't lose hope or think that you have to do it on your own! By partnering with your doctor or other healthcare professionals, you can control the disease of obesity and get the health benefits that come with weight loss. Get started with an obesity management programme that's tailored to your goals, needs, and lifestyle. 

Find your BMI and health risks

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What are the treatment options for obesity management?

To manage weight in a healthy way, treatments that promise magic results are often not the answer. However, diet, exercise, and other treatments can be part of the solution. Here are obesity management and treatment options that are scientifically proven to help people manage weight.

Find your local weight management provider

Talk to your weight management provider about treatment options that could prevent the weight you lose from coming back.

Build your support network

Having the right people around can help you keep motivated and stay on track with your obesity management programme. Get a better chance of success by building a support network of healthcare professionals, family, and friends who can support you in making lifestyle changes.


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